MJD: 53434.04654
     DATE: 2005 MAR 04
     TIME: 1630 PST

    Took delivery of UPS Package containing cobalt.carebridge.org server.
    Packaging showed no signs of overt physical abuse.
    Server was double-boxed as per shipping instructions.
    -inner box with server wrapped in foam and inflated gas bags
    -outer box with foam peanuts

    Upon removing computer from inner box heard the sound of loose components
    rattling around in casing.
    Opened case and found processor fan and heatsink dislodged from processor and
    free to move around inside case and damage components

    Documentary photos taken of damaged system

    TIME: 1648 PST

    Completed phone call with UPS logging receipt of damaged goods.
    Instructed to await next business day call by UPS damage assesor and to
    retain all packaging for examination by assesor.

    TIME: 1700 PST

    Report written and uploaded to projects.mindtel.com/2005/0304.cobalt.KIA

    Auth: birch


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