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Further enhancing the functionality of Traxx [ref: 2004/1106.traxx.keyhole]
the google maps hacks provide web interface functionality with backend position display and
live data modification through simple point and click interface.
Following movies show feature addition as well as replay of existing position records from
DARPA Grand Challenge 2004 snapshot files.
Bottom movie shows very efficacious display modality incorporating both satellite and map
views concurrently.

refer: maps.google.com

Click on images for larger view

Position markers added by clicking on the map
[MOV file: 18.1 MB]
Vehicle position updates on map/satellite view
[MOV file: 20.3 MB]
DARPA Grand Challenge Bot position mapping
[MOV file: 10.5 MB]
See RedTeam stop. See RedTeam burn. Burn RedTeam Burn
[MOV file: 31.9 MB]
Two in browser maps controlled simultaneously
[MOV file: 6.7 MB]
All 5 movies (zip file)
[gmap_movies.zip 85.4 MB]
Traxx Google Hacks by: Murphy
Above movies demonstrate current abilities:
- do asset tracking through a web page (using a variety of web browsers),
- create/destroy dynamic points that other users can see as soon as you create the point.
- no need to know exact gps coordinates, ability to just click map where u want the point.
- watch moving points without screen refresh
- view the dataset in multiple imagery layers in different browser windows simultaneously
- view different imagery layers in the same browser window, with the maps controls tied together (move the roadmap and the sat map next to it moves with you)
- share the dataset with nonTraxx users.
   (the same dataset is compatible with googleEarth, HomiMap, 2d Geotracker).
- all platforms covered. The above system will work on Mac/Win/*nix.
- password protection and vpn encryption available on request.


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