Georeferenced maps : Fusco 3dmapper


[2.1 MB]

[6.5 MB]


flooded areas digitalglobe imagery
flooded.1 [3.0MB] flooded.2 [5.4MB] for FuscoFusion (7000x4693 pixels)


Not georeferenced: 7000x4693
fld200m.70pc.jpg 2.8MB fld200m.jpg 6.4MB

also available in large size for printing (14400x10000 pixels . CAVEAT EMPTOR)
fld200m.jpg 11MB fld200m.jpg 18MB

Above maps georeferenced in globalmapper (geographic, WGS84) for use with
globalmapper. Maps have also been georef'd for use with Fusco 3d mapper
(aka: WazowskiVision™, FuscoFusion™)

Files required:
Globalmapper:    .jpg, .JGW, .prj files
WazowskiVision: .jpg, .mapSetUp files

Fuscofusion.txt file contains corner coordinates as per early release config files
Of no use to anybody as config file format has changed with release 0912.
Download your copy of WazowskiVision™ release 0912 .

Auth: birch


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